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Saturday , October 24 2020
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TTC subway derailment destroys morning commute in Toronto

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A large portion of Toronto’s busy Yonge-University subway line has been shut down, according to TTC officials, just in time for the morning rush hour — and with no expected reopening time in sight.

Fabulous morning courtesy of a TTC derailment causing a complete shutdown of Line 1 from St Clair W to Union. Don’t even bother trying to get downtown #TTC— Breanne Bateman (@BreanneBateman) February 13, 2020

The TTC announced around 5:45 a.m. that service had been suspended on Line 1 between St. Clair West and Union Stations due to a derailment at St. George.

But….HAVE YOU TAPPED?!#ttc #topoli #LowTaxCity— Mike Gibbs🏳️‍🌈 (@Mikeggibbs) February 13, 2020

“Please plan extra time on your morning commute today — we have a subway service suspension on a portion of Line 1,” wrote the TTC’s customer service account on Twitter just before 8 a.m.

“There will be additional customers using the Yonge side of Line 1, Line 2, and streetcar and bus routes between St Clair and Union Stations.”

This was Yonge & Bloor this morning which turned a 30 min commute into an hr and a half so thanks for that. You guys are the f*cking WORST.— Blackout, Tequila (@tequilablack0ut) February 13, 2020

More than 80 shuttle buses have been sent out to transport passengers between Union and St. Clair West Stations, but they’re filling up fast — as usual — leaving many unhappy commuters behind.

TTC riders pile onto shuttle buses with no subway service between St. Clair West and Union after a work car derailed at St. George

Starting to get quite busy here at St. Clair West station – every shuttle bus leaving the station is packed. #TTC

( twitter :🎥 @mcgilivraykate)— Streets Of Toronto (@streetsofto) February 13, 2020

TTC passengers who’ve already paid for subway rides are being forced to leave stations and shell out even more cash for cabs and Uber or Lyft rides.

@TTChelps you owe me $40 for my surgrd uber since you cannot supply us with a bus or subway. #TTC #DownWithTheTTC #DoYourOnlyJob— JayCliche (@JayCliche1) February 13, 2020

Customers are currently able to use GO Transit vehicles for the cost of a TTC fare, but this only helps those with routes that are also served by GO (read: a small portion of downtown commuters.)

It’s a shuttle bus morning for thousands of TTC subway users due to a maintenance train derailment on Line1 by St George station. Shuttle buses running between St Clair West station and Union. GO protocol in effect which means TTC customers can ride GO for price of TTC fare— carl hanstke (@carl680) February 13, 2020

And it’s not only subway riders who are feeling the pinch — overflow from the shutdown Line 1 is also gumming up surface routes all over the city.

At least surface traffic is also completely screwed over so Maybe non-transit-users see how THEY benefit from a successful public transportation system even if they don’t use it personally? Maybe? #TTC— Emma Jenkin (@indeedemma) February 13, 2020

While the TTC maintains that it does not yet have an ETA for when the problem will be resolved, the transit agency expects this mass delay to be shorter than last month’s now-infamous four-hour-long Line 2 shutdown.

“This is quite a different situation,” said TTC spokesperson Kadeem Griffiths to CP24 of today’s mess, explaining that the January 22 shutdown was caused by a partial train derailment.

Today’s shutdown is believed to have been caused by the derailment of a TTC work car, which is much smaller than a regular subway train.

Yes there was a work car derailment at St. George. Staff are currently on scene and working to clear as soon as possible. Our @ttcnotices account will be posting updates as they become available ^JH— TTC Customer Service (@TTChelps) February 13, 2020

More than two hours into the delay, however, customers are skeptical… not to mention late for work.

@TTChelps No service between St. Claire and Union.. St. Claire W station at the moment.. late again to work due to #TTCPROBLEMS #Toronto— Mandiie Elizabeth (@mandiiedasilva) February 13, 2020

Many simply can’t get over the fact that this keeps happening at rush hour, when people rely on the subway more than ever to get around.

All these issues constantly happen during rush hour … makes me think that you guys do this on purpose. #ttc— Missanova (@djmissanova) February 13, 2020

All of this, less than a month after one of the worst TTC delays Toronto has seen in years — and amidst an aggressive anti-fare evasion campaign that itself has been sparking outrage… and ahead of another fare increase.

Starting to think the #TTC is regretting launching their “Fare evasion is a crime, you dirty poors” campaign just as they had two subway derailments in two weeks.— Mike Beauvais (@MikeBeauvais) February 13, 2020

Bad timing for the TTC…. just like a subway shut down is for commuters at rush hour. Ha.

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