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Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Toronto is one of the least happy cities in Canada: report

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It’s no surprise that Torontonians love to complain about the TTC, the seemingly never-ending construction, and the temperamental weather.

But it appears that Torontonians’ frustrations are so significant, the city is actually being recognized as one of the least happy cities in the country, according to a new report.

The Toronto Foundation released its 17th annual Toronto’s Vital Signs report this week, which is compiled from current statistics and studies and serves as an ongoing consolidated snapshot of the trends and issues affecting the quality of life in our city.

The report found that Toronto is a physically healthy city compared to the rest of the country, with residents showing a higher life expectancy and lower death rates.

However, despite strong physical health, Toronto is one of the least happy cities in the country, with the city’s young people being the least happy of all.

It was also found that Toronto has a very rapidly growing youth mental health crisis, with hospitalizations due to mental health doubling in the last decade.

According to the report, this has coincided with rapidly increasing opioid deaths, hospitalizations from alcohol, and growing hospitalizations from eating disorders.

While suicide was not discussed in the report, the University of Toronto recently installed temporary safety barriers at its St. George campus following a rise in student suicides this year, which have already claimed the lives of four.

The Vital Signs report also found low-income residents in Toronto have much worse physical and mental health outcomes, compared to higher-income residents.

“Males in the lowest income group were 50% more likely to die before age 75 than men in the highest income group,” reads the report.

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