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Saturday , October 24 2020
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Environment Canada Is Warning Canadians That They Can Get Frostbite In Minutes If They Go Outside Next Week

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By now, Canadians should be used to cold winter weather. However, the season always seems to have more it can throw at you. In particular, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and New Brunswick are going to get a major blast of extra cold, with the wind chill dropping temperatures to dangerous lows.

The risk is even greater for “young children, older adults, people with chronic illnesses, people working or exercising outdoors, and those without proper shelter.”


It’s no secret that Canadian winters can be brutal – but you’re about to find out just how harsh it can get.

 There are extreme cold weather warnings all across Canada right now, proving that Canadian winters are seriously brutal. 

Next week, Canada will experience one of the most extreme temperature anomalies on the planet.

 “Extreme wind chill values of -60 to -65 are expected to hit Canada this January”, warns Environment Canada. 

According to a tweet from Chris Murphy at the Weather Network, at temperatures between -55 and -65, you can get frostbite in less than two minutes. 

Frostbite can be extremely serious and can be recognized by a number of visible symptoms.

Frostbite occurs most frequently in the extremities including your ears, fingers, and toes. Since it causes the area to go numb, it’s sometimes hard to even tell you have it.

Frostbite first appears as a reddening of the skin, known as frostnip. This is the least serious stage of frostbite. From there, however, it can escalate to superficial frostbite and deep frostbite.

Severe frostbite can lead to a number of possibly serious health problems, including tissue death and infection. In children, frostbite can even lead to growth defects.

It’s always important to dress warmly in order to mitigate the cold. You should also remember that your pets need to be kept warm as well!

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