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Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Canada’s New Government Was Just Declared A Liberal Minority

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As of now, in the midst of the Canadian election, CBC has officially declared a minority Liberal government in Canada. Though it is unclear what exactly the government will look like in, it is official that Canada will have a Liberal government for another term. Canada’s Liberal minority government will certainly change things for Justin Trudeau. 

The Liberals required 38.5% of votes to win a majority government. As of now, they currently sit at 37.8%. A minority government means that the Liberal party will need to work with a second party in order to get legislation passed moving forward. Though the Liberal government believes a “win is better than a loss” according to a report by CBC, they will certainly be dealing with different governmental practices than they are used to.

The volatility of the election in Canada tonight has made it difficult to make a call, with the percentages in constant flux throughout the evening. A minority government has not been seen in Canada for the last eight years. Though we cannot be sure exactly what this will look like in Canada, we are now certain that Canada will continue to have a Liberal government for the next term. That said, it is the end of a Liberal government as we know it, to say the least.

If you’re curious about what a minority government actually means, you’re not alone. According to the Ottawa Citizen, a minority government comes into play when no party wins the majority of seats during an election. As of now, the is exactly what has happened in Canada’s 2019 election.

Though the Liberals have not won the majority of seats, they have won the most, and therefore we are looking at another Liberal government in Canada. Though, a little different this time around. In the case of a majority government, two or more parties can come together to form a coalition and govern together. If the elected party does not choose to form a coalition, they can form a less formal collaboration in order to push legislation through.

Regardless of how the Liberals decide to move forth, the government will not be running in the same fashion that we, and Justin Trudeau, have come to know over the past four years.

It has been a tense campaign period and an equally tense election day. We’re curious to see how the Liberals choose to govern their minority government.

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